Client Testimonials

Trained between age 62 – 72 a decade of physical transformation – brutal but brilliantly effective

Gill (headhunter)

Welcome to hell

Matthew (investor)

Before I trained with James, I never stuck to regular gym workouts.

When I started, I was 47 years old, recently separated, quite unfit and very low on motivation as far as workouts were concerned. James started me very gently and knew exactly how to make me come back again and again and to train regularly on my own as well. Now, 14 months later, I am fitter than I have ever been, I have more energy, my stress levels have plummeted.

I have met (and worked with) many personal trainers in my life. James is by far the best motivator and the most experienced trainer I have ever come across.

Wolfgang (sports clinic owner)

He is the most manipulative bastard that you’ll ever meet

Katja (accountant)

He is a f&cking surgeon

Ken (lawyer)

Oh dear!

Colin (auditor)

They deserve it

me (personal trainer)

He is the stig, he’ll get you where you need to go even if you end up in an ambulance

Alan (CEO)

He’s Tomás de Torquemada

Susan (lawyer)

How does one get a refund

Christopher (banker)

He always tries his psychology bullsh*t

Cheryl (events planner)

It’s harder than Sandhurst

James (financial consultant)

I’m feeling a wee bit dizzy

John (investor)

A walking example of practise what you preach

Carrollanne (attorney)

The guru of fitness!

Matthew (banker)

A gifted horse who also works as a personal trainer, the long lost “missing link” between our monkey ancestors and real humans

John (body worker, personal trainer)